Most important: customer orientation


When creating and implementing a new product or service, customer orientation is always at the core. SatuMo Oy has developed together with Tuspe Design and Niemenpellon talli a booking system to facilitate the daily routins of riders and stall entrepreneurs. Thanks to the calendar, riders can see all the lessons and the content of them. 
Available lessons can be easily booked after logging into the calendar. Booking and canceling the lessons is quick and easy and saves extra steps compared to the previous practice. From all the activity from customer side of the calendar, information goes to the stables, and the staff always knows how many riders are coming to the classes. Riders will see their own bookings and can also update their own information through the calendar. If there are changes in the lessons, they are easy to communicate with the riders through the calendar.

After the first weeks of use, the booking calendar has received good feedback.
We have created a successful, customer-oriented product!

Warm thanks for both of the cooperators!

SatuMo Oy warmly recommends Niemenpello talli as a professional horseback riding company and Tuspe Design as a hub of web sites and web shops as well as encoding.

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