SatuMo Oy

SatuMo Oy was born as a result of long-term discretion and strong confidence in my own competence. 
With over ten years of experience in various marketing segments, as well as on sales, since the acquisition of new customers, there has been much learning about the journey. Opportunities for both real and less correct ways to make better sales or company and product visibility.
I´ve also been Lucky to have target-oriented and motivating colleagues and supervisors, who see the company's overall image, not only the sales figures. Great personalities, from whom I have learned from the understarnding, know-how and realized the correctly-making skills.

Goal-oriented marketing is based on the basics: how the benefits of your product or service are told in the right way, how the products differ from your competitors, which channels and actions are most effective for your business, and how to generate the desired added value. The introductory text of the product is already a great importance when it comes to distinguishing from the competitors.

For example, in these matters, I want to help You and Your Company. Your goal is also my goal in our cooperation. Well done job that is lucrative to you and your business is My Goal which I always set myself.

Satu Törönen, founder of SatuMo Oy